Welcome to South School's 2022 Science Fair!

Science Fair

It’s here!  The 2022 Science Fair Flipgrid!   https://flipgrid.com/0faeac46

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Tips for creating your videos:

Try to keep your video around 3 minutes long.
1) Start by clearly stating: Your name, grade, teacher’s name and the name of your project
2) Explain a little about your project: What is the question you are answering? How did you DESIGN the project? What DATA did you collect? What DATA did you MEASURE your experiment with?
3) Tell us a little about how you DESIGNED your experiment: What materials did you use? Why did you use those materials?
4) Tell us about the OUTCOME of your experiment! What did you learn? Was it what you expected? What ideas did it give you for FUTURE EXPERIMENTS?

The Science Buddies Channel on YouTube is a great resource for teachers, kids and parents to get ideas for Science Fair Projects


There’s a large selection of Science Fair themed videos and Science Projects on YouTube Kids:


– Science Fair Program Overview
– Registration Form
– Welcome Letter
– Science Project Guide
– Science Project Examples
– Science Fair Committee Contacts
– Flipgrid Help

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